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Stop! Do you understand that buying real estate in Durango can save you like it did my family over 30 years ago? Wait! What if you want to sell? Wouldn’t you like to provide someone a fresh start to their life in Durango?

What does all this have to do with me? If you like one-on-one professional service with a person that is never too busy to meet your needs, it’s time to give me a call and take the next step. I can explain awards I’ve won with The Wells Group to validate my experience; however I would rather talk with you about why my family chose Durango in 1977 from the Phoenix area and why my wife and I still choose Durango in raising our three children more than 30 years later. Allow my passion for Durango help you with your real estate needs. Pick my brain and ask the tough questions you want answered. Ask me what I like and dislike about living and raising children in Durango. It’s a free phone call, but it could be your most important next step to buying or selling in Durango!

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